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Released:24 Apr 2005
Version:1.2.2 (20 Aug 2016)

Relive the classic Pong.

One of the world's simplest video game concepts sees another application in GNOP, a Pong clone supporting two players or play against a CPU opponent. Deflect the ball off your paddle just right to prevent your opponent from catching it, but be careful not to miss it when it comes flying back to you! Enjoy the classic game concept with some fancy new features.

(NOTE: A new version, V.1.3, is on its way as the first major release since 2005 and will bring drastic improvements to the game. Keep checking back to follow its development!)
  • Play Pong against a human opponent on the same computer or one of four CPU difficulties.
  • Customise your game, such as adding or disabling ball trails and picking your paddle colour.
  • Play as many rounds as you want - the game will keep track of your standings.
GameplayTitle screen menu

07 Oct 2017Quick, Play!
Here's a look at GNOP 2.0's new title menu, in case you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of new settings and would rather just want to "Quick Play" a game of Pong. Pick one of the saved configurations & set the AI strength or control schemes and you're good to go! Watch the background for a "live" battle between AI players that updates with the currently selected settings. It's a preview and an attract mode! Now all you need is some quarters...

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