Soko Banish 1.3 – Custom Tiles!

Here’s some actual work done on the new version of the game rather than just the editor! Though the editor is involved as well. Mostly the editor.

As the title already spoiled, the game now supports custom tiles. Yaaaay! So how do they work?

The Level Creator now includes 64 additional elements that can be placed on the toolbar or transformed. They’re grouped into their own sections in the tile picker popup – clicking the flower with the C brings you to the custom decorations, while the wall stands for custom walls (how unexpected!).

By default, however, those are simply slime puddles and basic walls with numbers on them. So how do we turn them into something more suitable for Ardos Balmung’s incredible stone-pushing adventures? Simple – the editor and game will look for PNG files with certain file names inside the level pack folder and replace the custom tile graphics with those. For instance, a file named “cwall07.png” would replace the custom wall that usually has the big honking “07” on it and could perhaps look like the ice blocks I scribbled for testing the feature.

In conclusion, you can now give your levels their own look, different from anything that comes with the game! Unless you want to replace the standard objects and floor tiles, of course, but that may be coming up in a future version. Right now, with this implemented and the new Level Creator mostly functional, I’d like to focus on the new level selection menu and adding various fancy stuff to make the game more user-friendly. Stay tuned!

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