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22 Mar 2017Level Select 2: Selectric Boogaloo
As promised, here's a blog post about Soko Banish 1.3's new level selection interface as it currently looks. There are a ton of new features to be excited about - or maybe just to realise how much they had been absent in older versions. It's turning into a much more polished game, so go take a look!
08 Mar 2017Review: Sokoban Online
I just posted a review of the game Sokoban Online to the blog. I may be reviewing games now and then, with a focus on obscure and indie ones. It's also been added to the link list! You can read the review here.
09 Feb 2017Level Select Sneak Peek
Here's a preliminary sneak peek of Soko Banish 1.3's new level select screen, or rather the art I've been working on. (Click the image for a larger view!)

Other projects are getting in the way (looking at you, Tails of Lanschilandia), but there are exciting additions I can't wait to post more about once they're a bit more finalised. Stay tuned!
09 Oct 2016Custom Graphics in Soko Banish
Soko Banish 1.3 now supports custom graphics for walls and decorations! 64 template tiles have been added to the editor - if the game detects PNG images with certain filenames in a level pack folder, those will be used as the tile graphics, allowing users to build levels with unique looks and details. Read more!
19 Sep 2016New Editing Tools and More
Here's a a first good look at the Soko Banish Level Creator in its current development state. Note the new (optional) grid and rulers, graphical changes, more elements on the toolbar and most importantly the assortment of editing tools to pick from in the lower left corner: Draw, Select, Rectangle and Fill. I'm pretty excited about these new features, which should speed up level creation immensely when the new editor is out (especially compared to the clunky 1.0 release). As it cannot save files in the .sok format used by the current game version anymore, that will have to wait until Soko Banish 1.3 is ready, however. Read more about the new tools on the blog!

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