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05 Mar 2018Soko Banish - Patch 1.4.1
Soko Banish has received an update, fixing bugs and adding features, notably the ability to track your best times/steps on your profile. Grab the new patch on the game info page to upgrade!

- Best times and steps are now saved and shown (if enabled).
- Stand-alone levels can be played by dragging files on the program.
- Undo/redo is much faster when held down for many steps.
- Level list can now be scrolled up/down with the mouse wheel.
- Fixed a bug with tracking progress in packs without a levels.txt.
- Pack description looks better and no longer flickers.
- Fixed a problem with the leaf effect graphics.
- "void.jpg" background tiles better; "snow.jpg" less blurry.
- Darkness effect is slightly brighter.
- Temporary files are cleaned up once more.
- Various small bugfixes.
24 Feb 2018Level Creator Update 1.3.2
The Level Creator for Soko Banish has been updated to v.1.3.2. The new version comes with minor improvements and various bugfixes, mainly related to the ASCII import function, level size and save prompts. To update, simply download the latest version and replace your old "levelcreator.exe" and "edithelp.txt" files with the new ones. A complete list of changes can be found in the updated help file.
21 Feb 2018Soko Banish Levelpack - Kingdom Come
A new add-on levelpack has been added to the Soko Banish downloads section, containing 100 new classic Sokoban-style puzzles by Tammy Spahn (that's me). Most of them were created through a mixture of manual design and using a generator to find more difficult solution paths, and some are quite tough as a result. Go check 'em out!

If you too have new levels to share, please send the zipped up levelpack folder to my contact email and I'll see if I can post them.
23 Nov 2017GNOP 2.0 is out!
GNOP 2.0 is out now!

This new release of my Pong clone from 2005 is a complete overhaul of the game - right down to its core engine - and full of exciting features. Customise and personalise your gameplay experience with new graphics, sounds, music and more! Check out the download page - it's freeware!
12 Nov 2017Menu Icon GFX
A small sheet of menu/interface icons has been added to the Resources page. They can be used for functions such as loading, saving, undo, redo and opening a help file. They are CC0 licenced (public domain), so use them in any way you like!

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