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10 Nov 2018Boss Balloons & Terrible Toads
Pop Rock 'N' Roll sneak peek time! Here's a picture of the first boss as it currently appears in the test level. What could these two be up to? Stealing all your candy, most probably. If only someone with a spinning crosshair cursor could pop their ride!

With Soko Banish work largely out of the way (for now), I may be able to devote more of my time to this project again and you may be seeing a few more pictures and posts as time goes on (there was a Twitter-exclusive look at some editor updates a while ago and I strongly recommend following me there). The problem with posting about it is that no one's gotten to play it yet and I don't want to give things away, which makes it hard to be particularly informative. Tricky tricky!
31 Oct 2018Soko Banish Levelpack - Pumpkin Patch
A new add-on levelpack has been added to the Soko Banish downloads section, complete with its own graphics theme and music. Arrange pumpkins in 20 all-new levels using elements like orb traps and breaking floors, but don't get spooked... Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

If you too have new levels to share, please send the zipped up levelpack folder to my contact email and I'll see if I can post them.
03 Aug 2018Soko Banish 1.5 is here!
Soko Banish 1.5 has just been released, adding features like custom skins, solution saving and basic point & click mouse controls. Go grab it on the Soko Banish page! The Level Creator has also been updated to 1.4.1 to offer better support for the new skins and fix a few bugs - it's a separate download, so remember to update it as well.

(IMPORTANT: Soko Banish 1.5 or higher is now required to use the editor, as it takes its graphics from the game's skins directory!)
06 Jul 2018Soko Banish 1.5 - Skins and More
The next (and possibly final for a while) version of Soko Banish is in the works, bringing with it exciting features like custom skins and saving solutions. Check out my blog post for a quick rundown of what's coming!
20 Apr 2018Level Creator Update 1.4.0
The Level Creator for Soko Banish has been updated to its next milestone version, 1.4.0. This is a major feature update adding tons of useful functionality, such as:

- Level testing!
- Undo/redo
- Easier handling of levelpack files
- Random object placement
- Pasting ASCII levels from clipboard

And much more! It also fixes many bugs and issues remaining in the previous version and adds new cobweb decorations to use in your levels. As usual, you can update your editor by downloading the latest version and replacing your old "levelcreator.exe" and "edithelp.txt" files with the new ones. A complete list of changes can be found in the updated help file.

Enjoy, and don't forget to share your creations with us!

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