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17 Aug 2017Level Order and Chaos
The Standard level set is being updated and rearranged in the upcoming release of Soko Banish! Several puzzles will be fixed & improved, and playing them in order should provide a more coherent experience. I talk about my thought process here.
11 Aug 2017Soko Banish Rocks
Introducing Rocks and Grates, two new puzzle elements in the next major release of Soko Banish! Rocks are obstacles that can be pushed like soulstones, while Grates are special floor tiles that can be walked across, but not pushed across. Read more on the Blog!
04 Aug 2017Ruin Improvement
Soko Banish is receiving a complete overhaul in the upcoming major update, so I decided to write up a little blog post and showcase some of the new graphics. Go take a look!
03 Aug 2017Soko Banish 1.4 - The Future!
Development on Soko Banish 1.4 is officially underway! This next major content update will bring much needed improvements like larger levels, new in-game graphics, saving level states and a whole lot more. There is no release date yet, but we'll keep you updated here and on the Lanschilandia Games Twitter. You can also expect a few behind-the-scenes blog posts as I cover the upcoming changes and additions to the game, so stay tuned!
22 Jul 2017Soko Banish - Patch 1.3.1
Soko Banish has received a bugfix patch. If you're using 1.3.0 and want to upgrade, head on over to its info page to grab it! (If you're downloading the game for the first time, you won't need to patch it.)

- Walls no longer disappear when switching to fullscreen mode.
- Screen resolution now resets when fullscreen game loses focus.
- Fixed a bug that caused Ardos to revive if he died while pushing.
- Ghosts don't quiver when moving against a wall anymore.
- The floor tile graphics are once again randomised.

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