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07 Oct 2017Quick, Play!
Here's a look at GNOP 2.0's new title menu, in case you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of new settings and would rather just want to "Quick Play" a game of Pong. Pick one of the saved configurations & set the AI strength or control schemes and you're good to go! Watch the background for a "live" battle between AI players that updates with the currently selected settings. It's a preview and an attract mode! Now all you need is some quarters...
04 Oct 2017GNOP is Back on the Ball
The in-development 1.3 version of GNOP is now known as GNOP 2.0 to reflect a bazillion of changes I've been making, including a complete overhaul of the core engine and many, many new features to customise almost every aspect of the game right down to the sound each paddle makes when it bumps into the side walls. Check out my coverage on the blog to get a glimpse of all the cool things to do in the upcoming release!
27 Aug 2017Level Creator Bugfixes
The Level Creator for Soko Banish has been updated to v.1.3.1. The update fixes various bugs and minor glitches, mostly relating to changing level sizes and browsing levels via the next/previous menu options. To update, simply download the latest version and replace your old "levelcreator.exe" and "edithelp.txt" files with the new ones. A complete list of changes can be found in the updated help file.
22 Aug 2017Soko Banish 1.4 is here!
The newest version of Soko Banish is now up for grabs! Featuring a complete overhaul of the game's visuals, new game elements, support for larger puzzles, improvements to the Standard level pack and much, much more. Get it here!
17 Aug 2017Level Order and Chaos
The Standard level set is being updated and rearranged in the upcoming release of Soko Banish! Several puzzles will be fixed & improved, and playing them in order should provide a more coherent experience. I talk about my thought process here.

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