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Soko Banish
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Released:31 Aug 2006
Version:1.2 (20 Aug 2016)
Download:Game, Editor

Who would have expected demons?

When Ardos Balmung found himself in the ruins of Greifenhausen, he found all the soulstones removed from their banishing circles by a supernatural quake. If he cannot move them back and neutralise the demons inside, inferno may break loose!

Help Ardos push all the soulstones onto rune circles in this puzzle game based on the classic Sokoban, but watch out: as in the popular classic, stones can only be pushed and not pulled, so try to avoid unwinnable situations that would surely spell doom as you uncover the right sequence of moves. Open gates, avoid roaming ghosts, and when all challenges are mastered, use the Level Creator to create your own for more fun!
  • The classic object-pushing game with new game elements.
  • Solve puzzles and avoid ghosts in 44 official levels.
  • Grab new levelpacks below, or use the Level Creator to make your own!
Standard level packSokoban level packLevel Creator

  • Soko Banish v.1.2 (.zip file, 4.93 mb)
    Includes the full game, original soundtrack and the levelpacks "Tutorial" and "Standard".
  • Soko Banish Level Creator v.1.1 (.zip file, 536 kb)
    The level editor to create your own levels or change existing ones.

Add-on levels

Unzip the level packs below into the main game directory and select them from the title screen to play them. If you have made any levels you would like to share, please send them to (level packs are updated manually, so be patient).
(.zip file, 40.9 kb)
Thinking Rabbit50Recreations of the original Sokoban levels. (This pack was included with Soko Banish before V.1.2.)03-Sep-16
(.zip file, 32 kb)
Unknown40All the public domain levels included with XSokoban.03-Sep-16
03 May 2017Status Symbols
Here's the new status bar and settings menu for Soko Banish 1.3. Essential GUI functions are finally where they should be - and actually in the game at all! Also showcased are the new step counter and timer, which are both optional for those who care about such stats. Read more on the blog.

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