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21 Feb 2018Soko Banish Levelpack - Kingdom Come
A new add-on levelpack has been added to the Soko Banish downloads section, containing 100 new classic Sokoban-style puzzles by Tammy Spahn (that's me). Most of them were created through a mixture of manual design and using a generator to find more difficult solution paths, and some are quite tough as a result. Go check 'em out!

If you too have new levels to share, please send the zipped up levelpack folder to my contact email and I'll see if I can post them.
23 Nov 2017GNOP 2.0 is out!
GNOP 2.0 is out now!

This new release of my Pong clone from 2005 is a complete overhaul of the game - right down to its core engine - and full of exciting features. Customise and personalise your gameplay experience with new graphics, sounds, music and more! Check out the download page - it's freeware!
12 Nov 2017Menu Icon GFX
A small sheet of menu/interface icons has been added to the Resources page. They can be used for functions such as loading, saving, undo, redo and opening a help file. They are CC0 licenced (public domain), so use them in any way you like!
07 Oct 2017Quick, Play!
Here's a look at GNOP 2.0's new title menu, in case you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of new settings and would rather just want to "Quick Play" a game of Pong. Pick one of the saved configurations & set the AI strength or control schemes and you're good to go! Watch the background for a "live" battle between AI players that updates with the currently selected settings. It's a preview and an attract mode! Now all you need is some quarters...
04 Oct 2017GNOP is Back on the Ball
The in-development 1.3 version of GNOP is now known as GNOP 2.0 to reflect a bazillion of changes I've been making, including a complete overhaul of the core engine and many, many new features to customise almost every aspect of the game right down to the sound each paddle makes when it bumps into the side walls. Check out my coverage on the blog to get a glimpse of all the cool things to do in the upcoming release!
27 Aug 2017Level Creator Bugfixes
The Level Creator for Soko Banish has been updated to v.1.3.1. The update fixes various bugs and minor glitches, mostly relating to changing level sizes and browsing levels via the next/previous menu options. To update, simply download the latest version and replace your old "levelcreator.exe" and "edithelp.txt" files with the new ones. A complete list of changes can be found in the updated help file.
22 Aug 2017Soko Banish 1.4 is here!
The newest version of Soko Banish is now up for grabs! Featuring a complete overhaul of the game's visuals, new game elements, support for larger puzzles, improvements to the Standard level pack and much, much more. Get it here!
17 Aug 2017Level Order and Chaos
The Standard level set is being updated and rearranged in the upcoming release of Soko Banish! Several puzzles will be fixed & improved, and playing them in order should provide a more coherent experience. I talk about my thought process here.
11 Aug 2017Soko Banish Rocks
Introducing Rocks and Grates, two new puzzle elements in the next major release of Soko Banish! Rocks are obstacles that can be pushed like soulstones, while Grates are special floor tiles that can be walked across, but not pushed across. Read more on the Blog!
04 Aug 2017Ruin Improvement
Soko Banish is receiving a complete overhaul in the upcoming major update, so I decided to write up a little blog post and showcase some of the new graphics. Go take a look!
03 Aug 2017Soko Banish 1.4 - The Future!
Development on Soko Banish 1.4 is officially underway! This next major content update will bring much needed improvements like larger levels, new in-game graphics, saving level states and a whole lot more. There is no release date yet, but we'll keep you updated here and on the Lanschilandia Games Twitter. You can also expect a few behind-the-scenes blog posts as I cover the upcoming changes and additions to the game, so stay tuned!
22 Jul 2017Soko Banish - Patch 1.3.1
Soko Banish has received a bugfix patch. If you're using 1.3.0 and want to upgrade, head on over to its info page to grab it! (If you're downloading the game for the first time, you won't need to patch it.)

- Walls no longer disappear when switching to fullscreen mode.
- Screen resolution now resets when fullscreen game loses focus.
- Fixed a bug that caused Ardos to revive if he died while pushing.
- Ghosts don't quiver when moving against a wall anymore.
- The floor tile graphics are once again randomised.
13 Jul 2017Soko Banish 1.3 has Arrived!
Big news about Soko Banish!

Version 1.3 has just been released and can be downloaded on the game's info page.

If you haven't been keeping up with it, this is a major update introducing a new level select screen and GUI, player profiles to track progress, better undo functionality, a massively upgraded editor, custom tiles and much, much more! Check the readme.txt included with the game and edithelp.txt included with the Level Creator for a list of changes, or just try them out and see for yourself.

Now go and solve puzzles old and new! Greifenhausen needs you!
10 Jun 2017New Twitter!
I have recently set up a dedicated Twitter account where I can tweet a bit more liberally about games and game design than on my personal/writing-focused account. If you've been following @TammySpahn for Lanschilandia Games things, be sure to follow the new account now!
10 Jun 2017Welcome to Greifenhausen
Soko Banish 1.3 is getting a new title screen! With all the vital GUI functions moved to the new level selection interface, I've been whipping up a splash screen to replace the old title menu in Krita. It's also making me want to overhaul the in-game graphics so the game itself looks a bit more like this, but that won't be happening for a while to come.
03 May 2017Status Symbols
Here's the new status bar and settings menu for Soko Banish 1.3. Essential GUI functions are finally where they should be - and actually in the game at all! Also showcased are the new step counter and timer, which are both optional for those who care about such stats. Read more on the blog.
22 Mar 2017Level Select 2: Selectric Boogaloo
As promised, here's a blog post about Soko Banish 1.3's new level selection interface as it currently looks. There are a ton of new features to be excited about - or maybe just to realise how much they had been absent in older versions. It's turning into a much more polished game, so go take a look!
08 Mar 2017Review: Sokoban Online
I just posted a review of the game Sokoban Online to the blog. I may be reviewing games now and then, with a focus on obscure and indie ones. It's also been added to the link list! You can read the review here.
09 Feb 2017Level Select Sneak Peek
Here's a preliminary sneak peek of Soko Banish 1.3's new level select screen, or rather the art I've been working on. (Click the image for a larger view!)

Other projects are getting in the way (looking at you, Tails of Lanschilandia), but there are exciting additions I can't wait to post more about once they're a bit more finalised. Stay tuned!
09 Oct 2016Custom Graphics in Soko Banish
Soko Banish 1.3 now supports custom graphics for walls and decorations! 64 template tiles have been added to the editor - if the game detects PNG images with certain filenames in a level pack folder, those will be used as the tile graphics, allowing users to build levels with unique looks and details. Read more!
19 Sep 2016New Editing Tools and More
Here's a a first good look at the Soko Banish Level Creator in its current development state. Note the new (optional) grid and rulers, graphical changes, more elements on the toolbar and most importantly the assortment of editing tools to pick from in the lower left corner: Draw, Select, Rectangle and Fill. I'm pretty excited about these new features, which should speed up level creation immensely when the new editor is out (especially compared to the clunky 1.0 release). As it cannot save files in the .sok format used by the current game version anymore, that will have to wait until Soko Banish 1.3 is ready, however. Read more about the new tools on the blog!
04 Sep 2016Sokoban Clone Tiles
A collection of tiles for Sokoban clones or similar puzzle games has been added to the resources page. I'm releasing them with a CC0 Public Domain licence, so feel free to do whatever you want with them - no credit needed, though I will appreciate a shout-out.
27 Aug 2016Soko Banish Editor Toolbar Updates
For the next Soko Banish release, one of my top priorities is updating the outdated Level Creator, which saw very few changes from its 2006 release in the recent revival of the game. While the most major and important change is replacing the old level format with something smaller and more dynamic, something much more visible and neat being implemented right now is the new toolbar!

See this post on the blog to find out what's happening with it.
19 Aug 2016Welcome to Lanschilandia Games!

I'm Tammy Spahn and this website is dedicated to my endeavours in independent game design. You'll find my games here (including free ones for download - check 'em out!) and anything related I have to say or share about indie game development. Take a look at the About page to learn more or just go exploring!

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