Soko Banish 1.4 is Here!

Who you gonna call? No one. Bad reception in here.

First things first – download the game here:

Soko Banish 1.4.0 (and version 1.3.0 of the Level Creator!) is out and a lot sooner than expected – a lot of its features were still on the “some day” list, but hey, today is quite some day as well.

It’s been great to pick up this old project again and slowly turn it into something worth sharing with people, and I hope people had fun following my progress! (And speaking of progress, I’ve made an attempt to let you keep your completion status on each level apart from the ones that have been changed significantly. Huzzah!) So, what’s up next for the game? An expansion pack to buy with money, eventually. That won’t happen for a while, though, so enjoy 1.4 for now! There’s a lot to do, and more levelpacks may yet arrive.

New in this version:

– New graphics! (Backgrounds! Weather effects! Pretty stuff!)
– Two new game elements: Rocks and Grates.
– Support for larger levels – up to 40×40 tiles!
– Reworked and rearranged levels in the Standard set.
– Save & load buttons – save your progress on a puzzle and return later!
– …And a lot more! Check the readme or installer notes for a complete list.

See you in Greifenhausen!

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