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About Lanschilandia Games
This is a website for writer & artist Tammy Spahn's adventures in indie game development and anything related, started in 2016 as a subdomain of the Tails of Lanschilandia webcomic. It's divided into the following sections:
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About Tammy Spahn
Tammy Spahn, also known as Vellidragon around the internet, is an author, artist and Furry. Her works include the Pelsatia Fantasy books and the Tails of Lanschilandia online comic, both of which you can find links to in the top-left corner of the site. Apart from her other occupations, she has been dabbling in game design for more than a decade, with varying degrees of success.

If you'd like to contact her, feel free to drop her an email here:
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You can also find her in select locations around the internet:
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