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The links below are a growing collection of games, useful resources and other things around the internet that may be of interest to indie game developers and players. None of these websites are affiliated with Lanschilandia Games (though anyone is free to link back here!).

If you know of anything you'd like to see linked here, please drop me a note somewhere!
Other neat (free) games on the web.
  • SuperTux - Open source project of a Mario-style platformer, starring Tux the penguin.
  • Secret Maryo Chronicles - Another open source Mario-like platformer.
  • Beret - Free puzzle platformer by Kiwisauce. Use telekinetic powers to move blocks and enemies around and obtain all the collectibles. Unlockable level editor.
  • Pingus - GNU-licenced Lemmings clone with penguins.
  • Sokoban++ - Freeware clone of the traditional Sokoban box-pushing game with support for many level formats and skins.
  • Sokoban Online - Sokoban clone playable in browser with online level sharing.
Various useful resources and assets for developers.
  • OpenGameArt - Game art with permissive licences.
  • Burning Well - Public domain photos and textures.
  • Reiner's Tilesets - Hundreds of free pre-rendered and 3D graphics files by Reiner Prokein. Also hosts his indie games for download.
  • Public Domain Sounds Backup - A back-up archive of 635 copyright-free sounds previously hosted on, which has since gone down.
  • - Creative Commons and public domain sound effects and snippets.
  • SampleSwap - Public domain samples and royalty-free music for use.
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