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27 Apr 2023Sokoban List
In some unusual news, I've been working on a filterable list of Sokoban clones and similar games lately. It's not yet linked from anywhere else on the site (and frankly I'm not sure yet where it would go), but here it is for now.

The list is inspired by Martijn's Boulder Dash Fan Site and might be a perpetual work in progress, due to the sheer amount of games to cover (although I'm doing a little bit of quality control). Each game has a website or download link, and most info should be self-explanatory, but be sure to look at the bottom for some detailed explanations.

This is a WIP, but please contact me if you see any errors or have more info to add!
18 Apr 2023Lobotector on Kliktopia
It's not really news anymore, but I made a game for a contest on The Daily Click a while ago! It's called Lobotector, and (as was the theme of the contest) uses assets from Clickteam's example games for Klik & Play and The Games Factory. Use your mouse and clickiness to protect Lobo from all the stuff that's being thrown at him. Survive and set new high-scores!

It's now on Kliktopia and makes use of their online high-scores, so go check it out! I might add it to the games section here as well, but it's really quite small. Be sure to check the readme for help!
12 Nov 2017Menu Icon GFX
A small sheet of menu/interface icons has been added to the Resources page. They can be used for functions such as loading, saving, undo, redo and opening a help file. They are CC0 licenced (public domain), so use them in any way you like!
10 Jun 2017New Twitter!
I have recently set up a dedicated Twitter account where I can tweet a bit more liberally about games and game design than on my personal/writing-focused account. If you've been following @TammySpahn for Lanschilandia Games things, be sure to follow the new account now!
08 Mar 2017Review: Sokoban Online
I just posted a review of the game Sokoban Online to the blog. I may be reviewing games now and then, with a focus on obscure and indie ones. It's also been added to the link list! You can read the review here.
04 Sep 2016Sokoban Clone Tiles
A collection of tiles for Sokoban clones or similar puzzle games has been added to the resources page. I'm releasing them with a CC0 Public Domain licence, so feel free to do whatever you want with them - no credit needed, though I will appreciate a shout-out.
19 Aug 2016Welcome to Lanschilandia Games!

I'm Tammy Spahn and this website is dedicated to my endeavours in independent game design. You'll find my games here (including free ones for download - check 'em out!) and anything related I have to say or share about indie game development. Take a look at the About page to learn more or just go exploring!

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