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27 Apr 2023Sokoban List
In some unusual news, I've been working on a filterable list of Sokoban clones and similar games lately. It's not yet linked from anywhere else on the site (and frankly I'm not sure yet where it would go), but here it is for now.

The list is inspired by Martijn's Boulder Dash Fan Site and might be a perpetual work in progress, due to the sheer amount of games to cover (although I'm doing a little bit of quality control). Each game has a website or download link, and most info should be self-explanatory, but be sure to look at the bottom for some detailed explanations.

This is a WIP, but please contact me if you see any errors or have more info to add!
18 Apr 2023Lobotector on Kliktopia
It's not really news anymore, but I made a game for a contest on The Daily Click a while ago! It's called Lobotector, and (as was the theme of the contest) uses assets from Clickteam's example games for Klik & Play and The Games Factory. Use your mouse and clickiness to protect Lobo from all the stuff that's being thrown at him. Survive and set new high-scores!

It's now on Kliktopia and makes use of their online high-scores, so go check it out! I might add it to the games section here as well, but it's really quite small. Be sure to check the readme for help!
17 Apr 2022Pop Rock 'N' Roll is here!
Without further ado, Pop Rock 'N' Roll is now out! Wow, I kinda skipped over the teasers there, didn't I?

After 6 years, here's what started out as a "quick 1-2 week project" and somehow turned into my first non-free game on itch. With all the work that's gone into the game, digitally painted backdrops and soundtrack, I'm hoping there's enough content here to warrant not making this one free. Let's see how this goes!

I'm happy to say that it's lots of fun, and it has the familiar extendability with a level editor and full support for custom levelpacks. And there's a demo on its page, so go check it out! It's got 5 levels and the editor!

The page also links to the project page, which has a discussion board. Let me know what you think!
24 Sep 2020Pop Rock 'N' Roll - Survival of the Floatest
There hasn't been much news on Pop Rock 'N' Roll, so here's a blog post talking about my considerations for the survival mode. On that note, there is also a new blog, so I no longer need to use our host Grifkuba's blog to share my musings.

For those wondering about the state of the game, it's definitely still in progress, it's just going at a snail's pace due to general lack of interest (mine). There are assets needed that take a long time to create, as well as a lot of boring work to be done before I'm at a point where I feel confident that I can start putting more work into the game's levels. When that happens, there will probably be more to show off, but when that is, only time will tell.
23 Mar 2020Gophirith's Mirrors 1.2
A new bugfix release of Gophirith's Mirrors is now out! This update fixes a major bug that can cause keyboard inputs to become unintentionally sensitive, as well as several sound- and display-related problems. Check it our here!

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